Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

Hello universe!

My favorite part about the early hours of the day is that it a kind of empty, a stillness and newness that you will only find when last night’s mayhem has ended and the routines of the day have not yet begun.  Emptiness is beautiful.  From nothingness comes with it all life.

My writings are, generally speaking, ruminations about the human condition, creatively spun stories about daily events that I am a part of or that I witness, that may contain a hidden gem of positivity or inspiration.  It’s my belief that good thoughts and loving energy spread to each of those around you, and in turn that person you have changed carries with them their own ideas, combined with yours, in an elixir that they can pour into someone else’s life.  And so it goes.  We all carry with us ideas, memories and preconceptions that make us who we are.  We are ever-changing beings that can hear or read an idea that we heard many many times without ever fully understanding it.  But when those words are changed around in a certain magical order, if was though they were written just for you.  Kind of like when someone finally explains something in a way you can understand.  That’s why there can never be too many words, never too many writers, storytellers, inspire-ers.

I am a believer of the road less traveled.  I am a believer in questioning everything, especially religion, society, and the human species as a working whole.  Where are we going, where should we be going?  I am a believer in waking up being awake, in doing what one loves, in knowledge and art and books and travel.  I am a believer in epiphanies and intuition and spirituality, and the constant revolution of ones mind. I am a believer in the connection of every living thing, in energy and the power within ourselves. These are the things I will write about.

I write these stories and ideas simply because I must, and I see no reason not to share them.   And if I can make one person smile or think, well, that’s just a wonderful bonus, and happens to give me a feeling of deep fulfillment.

It’s how I fit into the world.


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