Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

Jesse’s Potential Self

Everyone living person should have the freedom to become anyone they wish, to see the good and power that encompasses their being and know all that they are truly capable of.  They should be given the opportunity to become their potential selves.  This is the very core of being alive.

This morning I met Jesse.  Would Jesse still be his potential self if he had not been paralyzed by an act of hate?

I don’t think people would listen to Jesse’s message and ideas the same way if he was just some young idealist.   We listen to him because he is loving the world, despite the world.  He is taking care of those in need despite those in hate.  He sees the needs of so many others and is plagued with guilt for buying medication for himself, feeling an urge to give away what he has, to do the most he can possibly do.  He never falls whim to self-pity.  He never considers himself the victim of a thoughtless drunken crime.  He never feels sorry for himself despite now being paralyzed throughout his legs, suffering brain damage (which has severely affected his speech) and losing four years of his life trapped in his own mind.

Instead, Jesse looks at this as a great gift of being alive, uses it to inspire, write, and support causes that support the world. He is writing a book, and like so many others coming out of the chaos, is searching for ways to be the biggest help to the connection of us all.

“My ass hurts but I don’t give a shit.” he told me, referring to being in the wheel chair all the time.  “I want to use what happened to me to help the world, and help humanity.”

There are so many of us, using our small problems for excuses not to care, to do nothing at all.  We take these things and use them as leverage in the I’m Entitled game.   We use these small, or sometimes bigger things that cause us misery to spread bad energy.  You know, that crazy shit that we are all made of–yeah, that–we give that shit, negative mega-tons of it, to others.  We lay it on pretty thick sometimes.  Then it sticks to them, and they carry it, drag it along behind them, giving it to the next 1-20 people they see.  Or in severe cases of hatred or sadness, they carry it with them for years, and give it to hundreds. Energy is both a disease and a life-force. We can cause an endless ripple of hate, or we can crawl out of our own minds and see, like Jesse, just how lucky we really are.

I hope to interview Jesse for a future post.  How will you use the circumstances you’ve been given to see so much good in your own life  that you end up with a surplus for others?


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