Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.


Pleiades Star Cluster

Image via Wikipedia

Those of us who dive into the rabbit hole head first, take on the journey of spiritual truth, the search for the real essence of who we are–information seekers–we are the next step in human evolution.  We are slowly stepping into the mud, wading through centuries of religious and societal muck.  We will be this instead—>  One who wonders, who reads, who speculates, who answers. One who cares.  One who asks why.  We are on a journey to understand ourselves as we live, to give ourselves and others the opportunity to live to their highest potential, with as much happiness as contained in the universe.  To become the ones who know, and the one who knows.  We already know this:  the journey is all we have–all we are–and what a beautiful journey it is.

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