Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

Yet another way that we are like trees.

The tree starts out light, wild.  It blows in the wind, going every direction, while branches and leaves knock into each other, pushing them this way and that.  But, as the tree grows, it stabilizes itself, gaining strength and grounding.  The branches grow thick, hold steady and block other branches from the wind.  While this happens, the branches on the very top still reach up for more, still flow about chaotically.  No mater how old or stable the tree grows, there are still those wild branches up top, reaching for the sun, trying out every direction and no direction.  Soon they will find their way to stillness, with help from the branches below.  But this will make way for new, wild branches for them to support.

We start out so wild, with so many questions.  Eventually, these questions and their answers give us a grounding, they stabilize us.  But, they become the foundation for new questions.  They give us the stability and strength to ask the new questions, the far reaching ones, the ones that reach out to the sun.  This never ends—it cannot end.  It is infinity.


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