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The joys of rebirth.

I’ve come to this.  Read it, as it is only the beginning.  Or don’t pay any attention-it doesn’t matter.  But the road will always be here and I will always be lighting the way. Read more…

The Woe is Me Syndrome- Causes, Cures, and Effects.

Having suffered from what I like to call the “Woe Is Me Syndrome” off and on for many of the teenage and adult years of my life, I like to consider myself an expert.  Since I’ve only recently “cured” myself,  I certainly can sympathize with the masses who are going through the same thing.   I hope my words can point those inflicted with what I’ll call ‘WIM Syndrome’ in the right direction.

I went from a state of mind where I considered there to be many stresses and saddening things happening in my life, to knowing my life is wonderful.  This change happened in a matter of months, with not much effort.  Very little has actually changed in my life; only the lens by which I view it and the vessel for that lens. Read more…

That pesky narrator.

I’m a of fan and student of Eastern traditions and Buddhist teachings.  Part of this includes understanding that personal, individual experience and who we think we are is an illusion, that our minds think as a constant and pointless reaffirmation of our living state, that knowing the true wisdom of life comes from loss of Ego, and that many benefits can be had from identifying and losing this Ego self.  As I continue learning, here is my initial understanding of the Ego.  Read more…

Let me be (quiet)!

“Renee..stop being so quiet”

I’ve heard this more than a few times throughout my life. Read more…

Spare Time For Change?


Image by UNKIEPAUL / Paul Johnston via Flickr

I really like mornings. It’s a clean slate for all, the earth, the plants, the people.  Newly awakened. Everything is changed.  The past is farther away, every passing moment being thrown into its pile.  Yesterday is meaningless, and today will change tomorrow’s world forever. Read more…

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