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Zen Mornings 11/30/11


Yesterday I learned that one of the best feelings in the world is being asked for advice, having the ability to offer insight, and truly feel a difference was made.  If could survive simply from answering peoples questions with honesty and heart about the things I know well or have experienced, I would be overflowing with joy.  But I suppose being a “teacher” in any subject, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, brings joy to anyone.  Sharing our own personal knowledge brings us fulfillment, and we all want to be heard, and looked upon as knowledgeable. We want to help others, to feel like we are needed.  We are all, by nature, selfish and selfless.  They roll into one another, becoming the same, much like all of the other circles of this existence. Read more…

Zen Mornings 11/29/11


Yesterday I learned that my Ego strives to take over when dealing with stress.  When it is quieted, I am strong, I push forward and I get things done.  When it is triggered, I am stressed, I doubt myself, and I worry constantly about the future. It weakens me, destroys my spirit, and I look for easy ways out.  But when I am in the present moment and doing what I need to do, the Ego is quieted.


Yesterday I learned that heavy black boots in sunny 75 degree weather while I walk around the city is not okay.


Yesterday I learned that nature’s colors never bore me.  I walk my dog around the same area every single day, and always find new beauty in the things I’ve seen many times before.  Forget T.V., movies, always searching for something to do.  There is an adventure right outside your window, always changing, moving, shaping.


Yesterday I learned that I may, within the next few days, start receiving unemployment.  I do not know if it will be enough to sustain myself, and certainly do not know if I deserve it.  I am jobless because of my own poor and hasty decisions.  But this unemployment could allow me more time to gain paying writing projects and have more time to turn my bliss’s into something monetarily beneficial.  Who am I to judge whether or not I deserve it?  If I choose to accept it over continuing to look for work, then I will make it so that I deserve it.  Balance.


Yesterday I learned that people are not kind or mean or heartless or perfect.  People are just people, being influenced by other people, and spending their whole lives influencing others and themselves.

Zen Mornings 11/28/11

Yesterday I learned that insights come in waves, and I must take the time to allow all to sink in, to become me.  I feel the need to feed the beast of curiosity, to keep learning and searching and growing.  All of these things are wonderful but I must remember to simply be.  Creating that space for myself in silence and peace is necessary.  Read more…

Zen Mornings 11/27/11

Yesterday I learned that reality lies before us and in us, here and now and then and in the future.  Truth is simple, inescapable, and in no way separate from ourselves, and we can feel it to be good or bad or joyful or evil but it is none of these things, it is inherently empty, nothingness, space, and energy.  To feel one way or the other about it is an illusion, it is an illusion to create that which clings to these feelings.  Truth is simply all of these things, it is everything that ever was, is, and will ever be. The moment you focus on a thought about an experience, you are stopping yourself, you are no longer as the dream but blindly passing through it, attempting to control it without understanding, as something separate.

Yesterday I learned that as the wind travels through the tall pines and rolling plains of Julian California, it create beautiful layers of rolling sound as it rides swiftly through down around and over.  It  shakes the trees, stretching them, deep creaks of relief sing with the soothing whistle; natures wind chimes.

Zen Mornings 11/26/11

Yesterday I learned that staying present begins to happen on its own with no effort from me to bring myself back.  Last night, at an event with dozens of amazing artists work, music, colorful people, and wide eyes and great energy, my mind was so alert, so there.  I felt calm, confident with absolutely nothing to fear. I thoroughly enjoyed being there, there was no reason not to because nothing pulled my mind away from exactly where I was.  I look forward to more of this.

Yesterday I learned that when thinking positively while living through a stressful situation, such as finding work and writing projects, there is nothing to fear.  I put my feet forward and applied to everything I was even remotely qualified for.  In the past, this financial situation I am in currently and the stress of finding a job would be just about do me in.  I would be a pile of stress, negativity, and teary eyes.  This time, I stayed present in the task of searching for work, stayed positive when the future did pop into my mind, and calmly allowed thoughts of the future to move along, like a passing cloud, not allowing myself to dwell.  This seems scary at first.  It seemed like by not worrying and stressing all day about the future, I wasn’t doing enough work!  Absurd. Read more…

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