Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

A choice.

This is absolutely a choice.  It’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be hard.  It can rip your life apart, but you have to make the conscious decision on how far you want to go.  How far down the rabbit hole do you want to fall?  There is no end to the falling, and you can stop anytime. 

Life is meaningless, and everything is connected.  Somethingness and nothingness are two sides to the same coin.  Deal with that.  There is nothing you can do to be pulled to one side or the other, it is all a matter of choice.  Will you be in between?  Will you decide to go higher?  Remember that is doesn’t mean anything.  It is simply a different state of living, a different way to view the world, as the world.  It’s simply another step in our evolution, and it’s completely inevitable.

Dim the switch in your mind, and light up the world. Like a child again–going back to go forward. This could be taken for good or bad, just like everything else. But remember that nothing is inherently good or bad.  It is just the way of things.  Sameness.   The connections are meaningless.  You have all the power, you give all the meaning.  The meaning comes from within you!

It’s simply another state of mind.  Another step.  A happening.

All the power, waiting for you in that mind of yours.  When you shut down your ego self, truths about the way things are will come to you, whether you seek them out or not.  This information is always accessible to you.  It’s simple.  So very simple.  As simple as a dog knowing his paw is his paw.  As simple as the first human who rose from simple consciousness to self-consciousness.  Another step.  A journey.   We live in a universe that exists because of it’s very existence, a universe that doesn’t exist at all.

I’ve always denied my spiritual side, though it nagged at me. And in turn I’ve always felt uneasy, unaligned with myself, and incredibly restless.  You can live beside the truth, or become the truth.  It doesn’t matter, but always remember, become what you are.  You already know exactly who that is.

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