Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

The Drum Tree


My life settled deeply into the flat line. I Never knew which way to go, and so went nowhere. I became very aware of that empty hole that nothing could fill. I met a tree one day.  He said to me, do a great task and you will be rewarded.  Take this drum that sits at the foot of my trunk and walk it the three miles to the other side of the valley.  Sit in that forest and drum for the trees there.  Do not think; just drum.  Return the drum to me and repeat this journey everyday.

In hopes of a reward, I did what the tree asked of me.  I picked up the heavy drum, everyday at sunrise.  I walked across the valley and played to the trees with my untrained ear.  I did not think as I played the drum.  I listened.  I listened and created at the same time; one in the same.  I became the sound.  The trees swayed to the beats that arose from my hands.

I returned the drum everyday, but the tree did not speak of my reward.  In fact, he never spoke to me again.  But I did not need him to tell me.  From that first drum on, I became alive. 


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2 thoughts on “The Drum Tree

  1. I love the last paragraph. It’s wonderful what music does, isn’t it? It speaks to you in ways words cannot.

    • Thanks Megan! Yes, music is amazing. Music and art allow pure energy flow…can’t do to much thinking and labeling when you are in the midst of creating! Words can’t even begin to describe either music or art, we can dance around it, but mostly they remain indescribable. 🙂

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