Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

The Circle

A tree moves with the wind and never against it.   It must.  Trees have no reason to fight against that which is.  Humans do not either.  But to make any sense of who we are, to learn anything about our nature, to get to a place of knowing, of understanding, we had to learn communication.  We had to figure out a way to label what we experienced and relay this information to others.

So began language.  But do we really know any more than that which sits?  That which does not think?  That which does not ask why? We come full circle, back to a place of nothingness.  A place of silence, of stillness, of just being.  Back to a baby, back to the beginning– full circle.  We are neither ahead nor behind, only part of the circle, ever rotating.  None more intelligent than the other.  We will come full circle, as will the universe.  It always has and always will.

In all our intelligence, we will eventually all come to a knowing, we will see and feel the truth of what is.  This comes from a combination of moving back towards stillness, and thinking greatly, for lifetimes upon lifetimes, about why we are and what we are.  A balance.  We will see how much our intelligence does not matter—meaningless—simply a means to a non-end, an end that is the beginning of something new and different.  To step forward is to step back.  We began as the rock or the tree, and continued on in the happening, to a point when we evolved into something “higher”, an awareness of ourselves, shame and suffering along with it, making us feel we were something separate from the rest.  We still remained a part of the universe but with awareness of ourselves came the inevitable question of Why.  We felt separated from our home, our true nature. We began to see the universe as not a part of ourselves, but something to be fearful of, to dominate.

This separation caused the need for purpose.  We could not see ourselves as what we are.  We were born here, with the ability to ask who we are and the inability to remember.  The hole. We forget that we are nothing more and nothing less than a part of it All.

From this separation comes the ego self. We’ve developed egos, egos in possession of words, labels and ability to reason.  We think ourselves higher than the rest of the universe.  This intelligence (or stupidity) makes us weak, makes us miserable and restless as we fight for…for?  For what exactly?  The American Dream?  Wealth?  Fame and success?  To make a name for ourselves before we die?  What is that for?  When all the while, a hole remains within us.  The harder we fight to fill this hole, the bigger the hole gets, as it is the fight that is causing it all to begin with.

We cling to the only thing we know–life.  We forget that life is never ending and thus begin to fear and oppose death, living our whole lives in fear of the unknown, though nothing is truly unknown. We strive so hard for happiness but have no idea what happiness means or how to get it.  All the while forgetting about the rest, about the Earth the trees, the stars, the animals, spirit, energy, the nothingness—thinking they are separate we push them away, and the hole gets wider.

But there is nothing really there. It is all the same.  All from this nothingness.  We come from, and are, and create this nothingness.  It lies within us, within the life you dream of to gain happiness, within the stars—all nothingness.  But wait!  Those trees, those stars, that dream,  laughter, bliss, intimacy, connection—all come from this same nothingness, from within us. We turn off the egos and what happens?  Understanding of love and joy–foundations of who we are become our entirety.

When we begin to understand,  we can stomp out our over-controlling egos and flow into the wind like the trees.  When we see the sameness and give up the fight, that’s when things start to get interesting.  That’s when our true colors shine, that’s when our power clicks on, our confidence, our loving nature, our selflessness, we become like the trees, blowing with the wind and never against it.  We move back to move forward.  A day awake, a night asleep, on universal scale, on cosmic scale, down through every circling of life there is, all of it is this circle.  We are just beginning to explore the wakefulness of life. We are solid as the rock, and bright as the stars.


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