Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

Zen Mornings 12/5/11


Yesterday I learned that being in a room with creativity happening always beats a room without it.  Whenever a housemate is putting together shelves in their room, or working on a piece of art, or hanging things on the wall–no matter what exactly they are doing, it’s lovely to be around. If there is any sort of creativity going on the atmosphere is so much more interesting, even if I am doing my own thing and not paying attention to the creation itself.  Creation fills the air, it surrounds us and a feeling of peacefulness blankets all who are around it.  Creation is pure energy flow. 

Yesterday I learned that attempting to define becomes more and more difficult.  The more I attempt to describe my own spiritual journey, especially out-loud, the more I find it slipping through my fingers until I get myself in a messy puddle, and I can’t even begin to pull myself out of it until I’ve willingly decided to give up all attempts at stamping definitions and identifiers and descriptions on everything I learn and experience.  This is one of my biggest challenges.  As soon as I wonder to myself what exactly has been happening to me spiritually in the past 5-6 months?  Despite all of my reading, writing, research and this blog, I couldn’t begin to answer that question, even to myself.

Yesterday I learned that when jogging, it goes much better in the afternoon as opposed to morning.  Oftentimes I will make an attempt to run in the morning with no luck, getting tired and heavy quickly, and then in the afternoon I will be taking Xander for a quick walk but have the urge to run, and do so effortlessly!  In the mornings I don’t take the time to “get into” my run and I just go for it, which is usually within five minutes of waking up.   I am thinking about all of the things I need to do and what lies ahead for the day (though I try not to dwell on these).  But when more than half my day is over, I’ve already completed much on my “to do” list and there is much less rattling going on in my mind, so focus comes easier. Thinking always proves for a difficult workout.  A calm mind and focus inward on our bodies makes jogging effortless and enjoyable.

Yesterday I learned that meditation is much more powerful in groups.  Yesterday afternoon I finally checked out the Buddhist Temple that happens to be about 5 blocks  away from my house.  Every Sunday they hold Buddhist teaching sessions and then a one hour sitting and walking meditation.  There were about 25 people circling around the dark room, from all walks of life, sitting on wonderfully comfortable red cushions that lined the walls.  There was a small shrine at the head of the room, and a few candles lit about.  It seemed that many had been going to this particular meditation for a long time.  It was simple Zen meditation, a focus on the breath, which is more or less what I practice at home.  This was my first group meditation, and it proved to be much more powerful, deeper, and more joyful than meditating alone.  The focus came with ease, and held fast.  It was the kind of session that felt more like meditation than practicing meditation.  When our light is shared with others, it makes the whole room glow.

Yesterday I learned that having drinks with housemates in the kitchen and throwing matchsticks at each other (again with the matchsticks) for the better part of two hours proves to be more entertaining than going to a bar.


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