Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

A bit of stream of thought writing…

…in an attempt to break through writers block.

When going with the flow of life, obstacles still arise, they hang out next to us, but float on by, instead of stick to us.  Reasons for things to be done are simple: they are the right thing to do.  intuition grows, wisdom into the nature of people and things grow, the gap between our lives and the rest of the living universe grows smaller as we take the “I” out of the situation and begin to separate ourselves less and less from That Which Is.  What happens here?  Understanding grows, patience grows, joy, light, love, passion, contentment, fulfillment, strength.  Bad stuff still happens, life still happens, the ups and downs still happen, but you remain in the middle, a fixed entity undisturbed by the ebb and flow of the changing tides.  You never see trees fighting against the breeze, the loss of its leaves or a sharp knife carving into its trunk. You never see flowers crying over a rainy day.

Bleh.  Alas, the block still exists.  Any tips from my fellow writers?  Besides “write what you know.”  I could sit here all day and write about cats, but then I’d still be in this same spot…with 10 pages on cats.

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