Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

Sand Destroyed

Take hold of the reins and carry forth,

a tooth for a tooth

an eye for an eye,

a stone for a stone,

metalworking in the sand,

I tear down your house, grain by grain,

you tell me that I shouldn’t go,

I say that you can never know,

you say the fight is worth the snow,

I say the wind will simply blow,

we crash through the dirt, our hands below,

touching underneath the earth,

full of worms and dust and soot,

our fingers make a courageous pull,

we get up, the earth forever changed,

we sit inside, the time arranged,

never know the story told,

of the house crashed down below,

in pieces, pieces in the sand,

never a house, simply land,

we land inside the bitter cold,

and let the breeze take a hold,

the pieces of our stories told,

crash to the ground and forever fold,

into the dirt, and become the worms,

that wander through the grains of sand,

blind to the house; it’s simply land.

Sand castle, Tenerife.

Image via Wikipedia


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