Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

Fish and Fight

If I told you what it would be ,

would you follow me into the sea, 

it will be, just like the sea,

with all of its anemones,

living blindly in the deep,

they see more than we can see,

much like an ant, they have a world,

so many stories remain  untold,

they work and live and fight and die,

they struggle,

and in another time they fly,

and yet another time they swim,

they flip and turn and twist and splash,

in the universe below,

the waves on which the surfers soar,

looking for the highest high,

a pleasure in the setting sky,

but underneath the story goes,

to work and live and fight and die,

they reach through when darkness holds,

they see no sadness in the fight,

they simply are and so it goes,

their story continues on untold,

they will be here in my place someday,

fighting for a better way,

blinded by the dark unknown,

unable to swim without a light,

struggling for the selfish fight,

so their story can be etched in gold,

wishing to leave a legacy,

but they forget, what they once knew,

what will be will be,

the beauty isn’t in the light,

the beauty lies within the fight,

the struggle live, to simply be,

that’s the only legacy.


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