Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

Hole of Dust

To me and to you and to all of us,

we trekked through the well,

and came out as dust,

it’s empty you see,

no coins for us,

but continue on,

because we must

and never find,

what fills this well,

it fills with time,

begins to swell,

to the brim,


we crash down through,

souless souls,

the clock can’t fill,

the hole we feel,

the things we steal,

the hearts we wreck,

the paths we trek,

it just leads to space,

another road,

and yet another,

the layers fold

upon each other

back ’round again,

we start over

to be found again,

we look to fill,

fill the hole,

with you and me,

and all our souls,

we look for love and money and fame,

we look for something to rid our shame,

for what we’ve said,

the things we’ve done,

we can’t be led,

it can’t be won,

the search for that place,

but it’s just here,

a familiar taste,

so very near,

not under our nose,

but the nose itself,

we forget,

that we’ve always slept,

through the truth,

through the light,

straight on through,

our very own sight,

it’s hard to see,

see what’s here,

and always was,

but blocked by fear,

it’s us and them and here and now,

it’s free and found and woven and bound,

it never exists in some other place,

it can’t be traced and can’t be erased,

we run so fast,

to find our space,

but it’s here and now,

and can’t be chased,

there is no hole,

the well is us,

be so very still,

and embrace the dust

the truth is easy,

the wisdom is free,

all we must do,

is wake up and be.

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