Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

It Carries On

You reach out,

from a blackened heart,

I take hold,

though I fell apart,

not long ago,

becoming lost,

the divine feminine,

turned a bitter frost,

so you got a bit,

I let you see,

a tiny little piece of me,

but I made a promise,

to my heart,

to never again let it start,

I pull back,

fear grips deep,

you pull back more,

so I can see,

the lines are drawn,

they fall down through,

the cracks they’ve grown,

at morning’s dew,

your thoughts still taken,

and mine hardened cold,

fooling ourselves,

truth be told,

no binding force in the end,

as empty as it was when it began,

the cave is empty,

fun pulled thin,

our minds too heavy,

past still wins,

so put on the breaks,

before it’s too late,

I don’t want to make another mistake,

I remember what happens when I release,

even the littlest tiny piece,

I’ll hold them close,

these pieces of me,

and no one will ever get to see,

it’s how I know,

to keep them all safe,

I know it’s not true,

such things can change,

but what do I have,

to rearrange,

these pointless thoughts,

they won’t let it change,

there are not many I find worth the chance,

to unlock the first door,

to get a glance,

up to you to find some more,

vines cover the rest,

they’re full of thorns,

not an easy the trek,

not easy to take,

no one said it was easy to make,

something good of two things broken,

but nothing comes forth,

with so much unspoken,

so we step back into the dark,

making ourselves miles apart.

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