Zen Girl

Centering into the journey.

Found my eyes washed away.

Walked to the Sea.  Found my eyes washed away.  In the dark, here to stay.  But the dark, it’s light!  Expansive and bright.  It shines through truth when all quiets inside.  Not mystical, not Ultimate, not the Answer, to Us, The Universe, and Everything.  The answer is the question.  It is All.  There is no answer, we live it and are it.  The song of the birds. The legs of a centipede.  The creak of the pines.  This is the truth.  The food you eat.  The connection of man.  The war and destruction.  It is your own.  Down to your bones, you already know.  Comes from within. Hard facts.  Deep intuition.  Cause and effect. The way of things.  The will to see the truth, unobstructed by thoughts and pasts.  Our minds broaden and broaden and broaden–a vast expanse to match the sky, to reach the stars, limitless, it holds All.  All sides.  All non-sides.   I will not change until you change.  You will not change until I change.   All sides to a coin. The coin–it has no sides.

My truth makes its way, barreling through the muck, more a little each day.  I watch my feelings close by but not touching, I watch them float past like clouds.  Thought based emotions turn to jelly in my hand–nothing to grasp, I feel it ooze through my fingers. I try to cry at sadness.  Should I not be sad?  Should I not care to lose ?  But I see what I’ve caused.  I see the actions, and their effects.  They are not to escape–it will all come back.  I lose what I lose and gain what I gain.  I am them.  I create. Become the creation. So things become lost.  But no longer grasp past the truth to the clutching emotions.

I am free.

I found my eyes.  They are a part of the Sea.

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  1. just passing by on said:

    of Eternity.

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