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Burned Trees

Last night I went camping.   Our site was surrounded with grassy orchard type areas, boulderous mountains, and many, many skeletons of trees that had been burned in a forest fire a few years back.

I look upon burned trees not with sadness, but with awe.  In my eyes, they are beautiful.   There is just something about the way they look.  Strangely magnificent.  Dignified.  They are like monuments to their previous lives.  They are a homage to what they once were and to the new life that grows around them.  They gave their life to new life.  They were not sad to go.  They did not fight to stay.  They simply melted their life into the flames, giving their energy back to the universe so that something else may thrive in their place.  Just like all of life.  We live while others die, and we die so that others may live, continuing in this experience of moments through the eyes of one little part of the whole.

His Holiness: The Dalai Lama Speaks at SDSU

ImageI saw the Dalai Lama speak this morning.  Talk about a great way to start off the day.  I was flooded with an overwhelming joy that caught me off guard as he stepped onto the stage.  My eyes flooded with tears and I was grinning from ear to ear.  I couldn’t help but smile.  His presence–felt even from my seat way in the back–was that of pure joy, utter peace of mind, and a genuine concern that encompassed the entire world.  The best thing about him is his humor. Cracking jokes and being silly is a part of his natural personality.  It simply flows out of him, this positivity.  It absolutely floods out.

His talk centered around compassion, but everything he said became very holistic and all-encompassing.  I’m absolutely positive that every one of us in that giant stadium took away certain pieces of the talk that struck a chord within us personally.  Here are a few of his ideas that clung to my being (in my own words).

We can use negativity and hardships from our past for strength, gusto, motivation to push forward and to steer clear of that which brought us to the negativity.  We mustn’t forget our pasts, we must use our pasts as tools for good.

We must hold compassion for those who do harm without remorse.  Instead of becoming angry or frustrated, we can feel sad and concerned for their mind states, for their well-being.

Positivity leads to a peaceful mind.  A peaceful mind leads to confidence.  Confidence leads to effort.  Effort leads to changing the world. 

We are all born with the very same potential for constructive or destructive behavior.  We are all equipped with compassion, shown to us by our mothers who care for and look out for us until we can go out on our own, which is true for all animals (except some turtles, as His Holiness pointed out with laughter and also with sadness).  We all have the very same potential.

We are all the same–same emotions, same feelings, same capabilities.

Showing babies and children affection, and a holistic view is one of the most important tools for world peace in our future.

What is the best life path?  That of a peaceful and positive life.  With that will come the ability to help those around us.

I feel so lucky to be living in this city during his very first visit here, and during my very first year on this spiritual path.  His joyfulness, hope, and compassion leaves me feeling a renewed love for the world.

Alan Watts

Alan Watts:  Meaningless Life


A mesage to myself (and in turn, to you).

Who are you going to become?  You always, always want to be doing something more worthwhile, more important, more. You always wonder whether you are on the right path, not  remembering that you will this very questioning is a part of you, the feeling of waiting for  something more. If only I had this, THEN I will be trully fulfilled. This will happen time and again; it is a part of who you are, as part of the human race. This is what makes the story continue…Accept this as an innate feature in you to keep on going, to keep pushing and striving and learning and growing.  BUT ALSO, be okay with now and really see what’s going on here.  ACCEPT.  Everyone is this.

Stay present, aware and focused.  The way to get things done, to accomplish, is to be focused in your tasks.  And you cannot be focused in your task if you are bogged down in mind muck, the ifs and whys and am-I-on-the-right-paths. Once you are focused and aware, you will no longer have the urge to ponder the value or point of what you are doing–you will do becaue you love.  You will love to do. You will have to, because your mind will no longer be there to distract you.  Don’t do for the future.  Do for now.  The future will love you for it. Keep it simple.  Settle into yourself, you are just now learning. Meditate, see more and more of the karmic connection, understand the cause and effect.  You are, right at this very moment, living in effects and creating causes.  Be aware enough to combat the thoughts and actions that cause yourself and others suffering. Every little cause; action, thought, word.  To improve yourself all you need to do is understand that you are perfect right now.  Treat yourself and all other life with loving kindness right now.  Because all other life is you.  This builds the confidence which dissintigrates the fear which allows you to finally go forth and accomplish.  Love smashes fear.  So know it and believe it now:  YOU ARE ALREADY PERFECT.

Go forth, be aware and conquer.

Back to the beginning.

I love the sound of quiet, when escaping into nature.  The cars disappear.  Horns aren’t being honked in anger and frustration. There’s no cement, no implanted trees, no advertisements.  There’s no crosswalks, no highways, no busy commutes.  There is simply you, and nature.  It’s no coincidence, I’m sure, that I feel so much more me, so much more real and present when I am surrounded only with what comes naturally on this Earth.  Our home.  I watch birds glide above the trees, listen to a waterfall, watch the flowers blow in the warm breeze.  I breath in the quiet, and it becomes me. Read more…

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