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His Holiness: The Dalai Lama Speaks at SDSU

ImageI saw the Dalai Lama speak this morning.  Talk about a great way to start off the day.  I was flooded with an overwhelming joy that caught me off guard as he stepped onto the stage.  My eyes flooded with tears and I was grinning from ear to ear.  I couldn’t help but smile.  His presence–felt even from my seat way in the back–was that of pure joy, utter peace of mind, and a genuine concern that encompassed the entire world.  The best thing about him is his humor. Cracking jokes and being silly is a part of his natural personality.  It simply flows out of him, this positivity.  It absolutely floods out.

His talk centered around compassion, but everything he said became very holistic and all-encompassing.  I’m absolutely positive that every one of us in that giant stadium took away certain pieces of the talk that struck a chord within us personally.  Here are a few of his ideas that clung to my being (in my own words).

We can use negativity and hardships from our past for strength, gusto, motivation to push forward and to steer clear of that which brought us to the negativity.  We mustn’t forget our pasts, we must use our pasts as tools for good.

We must hold compassion for those who do harm without remorse.  Instead of becoming angry or frustrated, we can feel sad and concerned for their mind states, for their well-being.

Positivity leads to a peaceful mind.  A peaceful mind leads to confidence.  Confidence leads to effort.  Effort leads to changing the world. 

We are all born with the very same potential for constructive or destructive behavior.  We are all equipped with compassion, shown to us by our mothers who care for and look out for us until we can go out on our own, which is true for all animals (except some turtles, as His Holiness pointed out with laughter and also with sadness).  We all have the very same potential.

We are all the same–same emotions, same feelings, same capabilities.

Showing babies and children affection, and a holistic view is one of the most important tools for world peace in our future.

What is the best life path?  That of a peaceful and positive life.  With that will come the ability to help those around us.

I feel so lucky to be living in this city during his very first visit here, and during my very first year on this spiritual path.  His joyfulness, hope, and compassion leaves me feeling a renewed love for the world.


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5 thoughts on “His Holiness: The Dalai Lama Speaks at SDSU

  1. Thank you soooo very much for sharing his message and your experience of it. This one struck me the most–it is something that I’ve been turning over in my mind for several weeks:

    “We must hold compassion for those who do harm without remorse. Instead of becoming angry or frustrated, we can feel sad and concerned for their mind states, for their well-being.”

    Yes, yes, yes!!

    • Thank you for the comment and for reading! ❤ I was afraid that nothing I could write could even close to compare to the impact of his words.

      Yeah that one really stood out to me as well. It can be such a challenge to look at the people who have really, truly hurt us. But their actions, no matter how bad, no matter how much pain it may have caused us, were not done out of the simple intention to hurt another, but out of their own pain and suffering. It can be truly liberating to feel the capability to forgive these people, especially when it has been something that has truly effected us in a negative way. But even then…the negative experiences always give us fuel to turn it into something magnificently positive.

      • A few weeks ago, I came across this blog by a woman who suffered unimaginable horrors at the hands of a very sick man: http://angelsofsecrets.wordpress.com/

        What I read there challenged me to the core to somehow experience compassion for him, too. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter, but the material is very graphic. It is her testament to what she survived, but what many other women did not.

  2. Wow, I have only just come across your blog (thanks to Zen Being). This is wonderful! I would love to see the Dalai Lama speak. Thank you so much for sharing his wisdom with us all.

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