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Spirituality Sucks

Have you ever noticed that all of your friends are an eerie reflection of how you see yourself?  Have you ever considered what a strange concept a bathroom scale is?  Have you ever had the incredible urge to drop your entire life, go off the grid and live the rest of your days cutting wood for heat and growing your own food?  Have you ever thought about suicide in a non-morbid way, but more as a true, genuine consideration of why not?  Have you ever tried to explain the concept of your Ego Self to someone and get accused of having Multiple Personality Disorder?

I have. Read more…

To those who are going insane.

Two months ago, I began my revolution of mind.   In response to my story, especially by those on Highexistence.com, it’s been made obvious that A LOT of people are going through the same thing.  Others are just cracking the surface of curiosity. What does it mean to have a revolution of mind and how will it change your life? Read more…

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