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A choice.

This is absolutely a choice.  It’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be hard.  It can rip your life apart, but you have to make the conscious decision on how far you want to go.  How far down the rabbit hole do you want to fall?  There is no end to the falling, and you can stop anytime.  Read more…

The joys of rebirth.

I’ve come to this.  Read it, as it is only the beginning.  Or don’t pay any attention-it doesn’t matter.  But the road will always be here and I will always be lighting the way. Read more…

The red pill.

This was typed about 3 weeks ago, when this all started for me.  It’s changed my life, and I look forward to writing more about the expansions of my mind as they happen, and relating the new beauty I see in the world (though it’s always been there).

I have no more reason to write this than the fact that I’m itching to. Like a hot, irritating itch. I woke up. I took the red pill, and quite recently. It’s changed my life, sooo that’s pretty cool.

I’ve never believed in God. Not fully. Read more…

Yet another way that we are like trees.

The tree starts out light, wild.  It blows in the wind, going every direction, while branches and leaves knock into each other, pushing them this way and that.  But, as the tree grows, it stabilizes itself, gaining strength and grounding. Read more…


Pleiades Star Cluster

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Those of us who dive into the rabbit hole head first, take on the journey of spiritual truth, the search for the real essence of who we are–information seekers–we are the next step in human evolution.  We are slowly stepping into the mud, wading through centuries of religious and societal muck.  We will be this instead—>  One who wonders, who reads, who speculates, who answers. One who cares.  One who asks why. Read more…

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