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Trying a new approach.

This blog is going through major changes over the next few days, so bare with me.

I’ve been unemployed for well over a month now.  I’ve spent most of my time looking for work, while putting some effort into various writing and craft projects, but not as much as I would like.  On the weekends when I let myself relax from the worry and just focus on doing what I love, I’ve felt more contentment and fulfillment than I’ve ever known. (duh.) But the rest of the time, the job-search has been stressful, nagging, and downright full of awful. Remember that epically hated question I’ve talked about before?  But what am I going to DO? –Yeah.  I still hate it. Read more…

Zen Mornings 11/30/11


Yesterday I learned that one of the best feelings in the world is being asked for advice, having the ability to offer insight, and truly feel a difference was made.  If could survive simply from answering peoples questions with honesty and heart about the things I know well or have experienced, I would be overflowing with joy.  But I suppose being a “teacher” in any subject, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, brings joy to anyone.  Sharing our own personal knowledge brings us fulfillment, and we all want to be heard, and looked upon as knowledgeable. We want to help others, to feel like we are needed.  We are all, by nature, selfish and selfless.  They roll into one another, becoming the same, much like all of the other circles of this existence. Read more…

The Woe is Me Syndrome- Causes, Cures, and Effects.

Having suffered from what I like to call the “Woe Is Me Syndrome” off and on for many of the teenage and adult years of my life, I like to consider myself an expert.  Since I’ve only recently “cured” myself,  I certainly can sympathize with the masses who are going through the same thing.   I hope my words can point those inflicted with what I’ll call ‘WIM Syndrome’ in the right direction.

I went from a state of mind where I considered there to be many stresses and saddening things happening in my life, to knowing my life is wonderful.  This change happened in a matter of months, with not much effort.  Very little has actually changed in my life; only the lens by which I view it and the vessel for that lens. Read more…

To career or not to career.


In the West, most of us aren’t consumed with thoughts about where our next meal will come from or if we will make it through the night with nowhere to sleep.   Much of our discontent comes from the question that arises when all of your basic survival needs are being met–what am I doing/going to do with myself?

Most of us fall into one of the following options: Read more…

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