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Zen Mornings 12/5/11


Yesterday I learned that being in a room with creativity happening always beats a room without it.  Whenever a housemate is putting together shelves in their room, or working on a piece of art, or hanging things on the wall–no matter what exactly they are doing, it’s lovely to be around. If there is any sort of creativity going on the atmosphere is so much more interesting, even if I am doing my own thing and not paying attention to the creation itself.  Creation fills the air, it surrounds us and a feeling of peacefulness blankets all who are around it.  Creation is pure energy flow.  Read more…

Jesse’s Potential Self

Everyone living person should have the freedom to become anyone they wish, to see the good and power that encompasses their being and know all that they are truly capable of.  They should be given the opportunity to become their potential selves.  This is the very core of being alive.

This morning I met Jesse.  Would Jesse still be his potential self if he had not been paralyzed by an act of hate? Read more…

Hello universe!

My favorite part about the early hours of the day is that it a kind of empty, a stillness and newness that you will only find when last night’s mayhem has ended and the routines of the day have not yet begun.  Emptiness is beautiful.  From nothingness comes with it all life. Read more…

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