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The Circle

A tree moves with the wind and never against it.   It must.  Trees have no reason to fight against that which is.  Humans do not either.  But to make any sense of who we are, to learn anything about our nature, to get to a place of knowing, of understanding, we had to learn communication.  We had to figure out a way to label what we experienced and relay this information to others.

So began language.  But do we really know any more than that which sits?  That which does not think?  That which does not ask why? We come full circle, back to a place of nothingness.  A place of silence, of stillness, of just being.  Back to a baby, back to the beginning– full circle.  We are neither ahead nor behind, only part of the circle, ever rotating.  None more intelligent than the other.  We will come full circle, as will the universe.  It always has and always will. Read more…

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