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It Carries On

You reach out,

from a blackened heart,

I take hold,

though I fell apart,

not long ago,

becoming lost,

the divine feminine,

turned a bitter frost, Read more…

Zen Mornings 12/8/11

Yesterday I learned that a house only becomes a home when it is ready.  It’s been nearly a year and a half since the four of us moved into this house.  We’ve spent that time rearranging constantly, figuring out where to put all of our stuff with limited storage space, being busy and lazy and not committing the time to finish, to put all of our art up and make it as cozy as possible.  Finally, late last night of all times, it begun.  Read more…

Zen Mornings 12/2/11


Yesterday I learned that nothing is scary if we do what scares us.  Only the unknown is scary, but once the unknown becomes the known, there is absolutely nothing left to fear. I’ve always  hated talking on the phone–immensely–to the point of being fearful of it.  I found it to be the most awkward form of communication (and still do).  Read more…

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