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I forget myself sometimes

but I always get little reminders.  I am always here, I simply choose to forget.  I get lost in the game of where to go, who to pursue, what to do.  I get lost in the meaning of it all.  I get lost in the love and the hate. I get lost in the ‘getting to’.  I forget about the here, the journey.  My creativity falls away.  Sponteneous creation, authentic here-ness.  It feels too far away to grasp.  I am lost in the questions, the problems, the options, heavy loads of possible solutions to each equation.  Many forks in the road.  A heavy burden, my whole life.


But even during these times, I feel a lot.  So much.  From the soothing rhythm of a song.  The beauty of a magnificent flower in the middle of the bustling city.  The way the sky looks.  The sound of a birds wings. The escape into wilderness.  The beauty of a persons energy.  The massage of a stream of water. The complexity of an unspoken dynamic.  The endless connections of cause an effect, the infinite creation, and the nothingness, the emptiness that all things share.  I am forever changed.  And even when I forget myself, my ability to create,  like much of these past few months, I am always still here.  My self, the self I have become, who deep down embraces becoming, now has the gift of being reminded every day how beautiful life is.

I’m still here.

Morning birds.

Birds have so much to say in the morning.  I’m not quite sure what they are doing.  Gathered in the trees.  Finding breakfast? Caring for their young?  Or is it simply how they wake up, with lot’s of celebration and song?  This is how we should all wake up–with life, with excitement, conducting the preparations that make us happy and centered for the remaining hours of the day.  Maybe the birds are just for us, to remind us of the beauty of sunrise, and the life–big and small– that’s contained within it.  To remind us that we are not the only ones on this earth that shares this consciousness, that shares life. That these tiny creatures of flight share the pain of suffering and the joy of song.

Back to Neutral.

We climb high to the snowiest peak, to reach the limits of what we seek. We search down below through the sea, down and down through the mystery. But we can’t live upon the snow, just as the water won’t let us grow.  We are in the middle and will always be, on land, in sand, returning neutrally. Our minds they grasp for something higher.  To the heavens we aspire.  But we all fall from the mountain.  We all rise up from the sea.  Highs and lows never stick so easily.  The excitement of happiness fades to a lull.  The stings of grief eventually dull.  We grasp and grasp for anything more, the hole is grows, our lives a chore. We think the answers are something to be found, something above or below, a treasure deep underground.  Or perhaps in the stars, it waits for us.  Waits to fix all who are lost. We grasp at those feelings, hope they stay, and we are left all alone when they go away.  Be okay with here, be okay with now, because we will always be set back on the ground.  Grasp at nothing, and accept it all.  This perfect existence has never left us at all.

We cannot stay with the birds in flight, we cannot stay with the fish at night.  Let us return to the animal that we are. Let us return to pure love and light.



Hole of Dust

To me and to you and to all of us,

we trekked through the well,

and came out as dust, Read more…

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