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Learning Still

Reading and meditation are great methods to connect deeper with oneself.  Learning doesn’t end. It’s one of life’s only constants.  Sometimes, this can lead to the realization that one has been running.  It can happen again and again, until all false layers are peeled away.  Then, there is nothing left to run from, and what remains is the most raw, pure self.  A self of change, of flow, a self that is centered perfectly within the journey.  Assumptions about the nature of oneself can be a bit off.  They can even be dead-wrong.  Read more…

Zen Mornings 12/5/11


Yesterday I learned that being in a room with creativity happening always beats a room without it.  Whenever a housemate is putting together shelves in their room, or working on a piece of art, or hanging things on the wall–no matter what exactly they are doing, it’s lovely to be around. If there is any sort of creativity going on the atmosphere is so much more interesting, even if I am doing my own thing and not paying attention to the creation itself.  Creation fills the air, it surrounds us and a feeling of peacefulness blankets all who are around it.  Creation is pure energy flow.  Read more…

Spare Time For Change?


Image by UNKIEPAUL / Paul Johnston via Flickr

I really like mornings. It’s a clean slate for all, the earth, the plants, the people.  Newly awakened. Everything is changed.  The past is farther away, every passing moment being thrown into its pile.  Yesterday is meaningless, and today will change tomorrow’s world forever. Read more…

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