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Zen Mornings 12/6/11


Yesterday I learned that waking up in the morning straight from a negative dream makes negative, foggy and heavy morning mind.  Usually upon waking my mind is in a restful, peaceful state, even if I begin to think about what I need to do for the day.  There is usually not much sense of nagging.  But after waking up from, not necessarily a nightmare, but a dream about things that have been on my mind in the past and have brought me pain, it causes me to wake up in a less-than-optimal mood.  It feels as real for my mind as if the dream truly happened.  I wake up, essentially, from a bad day.  How does one best recover from “bad dream mornings”? Read more…

One season, two seasons, three seasons, four.

Let’s give credit where credit is due.  Weather has saved many awkward small-talks, and has been the breaker of so much ice.

We comment on it, complain about it, and joke about it.  Weather shapes our perceptions of the seasons, of where we live, and adds weight to how we’re feeling every day.  It’s always there, right in our faces.  It shapes our day, our month, our year.  We absolutely can’t escape it.  There are some who go their entire lives experiencing only one kind of climate.

Considering we are trapped in, converse about, and are shaped by weather, I’d like to give it careful consideration as being an important aspect of our lives. Read more…

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