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A Drive

How do I describe this unfolding before my eyes..not with art, which doesn’t move; not with words, they are concrete, but this concrete that unfolds before us just outside the glass barrier surrounded by dark forest with branches over our heads, zoom past appearing illuminated by the lights, and we can only see just ahead, curves born out of the darkness, our minds lulled into the music filling us with its essence, we share the silence we give and the fear of returning home, so we keep driving, riding up the hill, back down, into town, and back again, riding our moods as they change with the tunes, up and down the hilly one way, up and down, we are this up and down. 

Zen Mornings 12/1/11


Yesterday I learned that music can be a useful tool for sinking into a meditative state.  Last night, I was lying in bed with my feet up the wall, music infiltrating my ears from my laptop which sat beside my head just a few feet away. Not optimal but it gets the job done.  I played some tranc-esque tribal-esque instrumental, and really, really settled into it.  I relaxed so greatly, there seemed no difference between myself and the music.  Inhales elongated into the deepest breaths.  I never thought it was possible to breath in so much air!  My lungs and stomach filled endlessly, and effortlessly released back out.   Read more…

The Drum Tree


My life settled deeply into the flat line. I Never knew which way to go, and so went nowhere. I became very aware of that empty hole that nothing could fill. I met a tree one day.  He said to me, do a great task and you will be rewarded.  Take this drum that sits at the foot of my trunk and walk it the three miles to the other side of the valley.  Sit in that forest and drum for the trees there.  Do not think; just drum.  Return the drum to me and repeat this journey everyday. Read more…

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