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Amigo Road

It’s morning–clouds surround this house and cool mist dampens all.  The Big of our lives float in my mind.  What’s our connection to one another–what’s really going on here and where’s it all going to go?  How does the Now shape what’s to come?   Just tiny little seconds in an endless sea of time.  Before, the space to think alluded me. Thoughts barreled down and ran into each other, frustrated, with nowhere to go.  But now they soak in deeply, before releasing into the hills.

Days are spent outside creating and improving–nowhere to go and nowhere to be but right here with these dirty hands and feet.  My mind focuses, my body sings–the sun breaks through the fog midday and warms me with energy.  Tromps through the trails, I stretch myself with yoga on the wooden stairs, standing in stillness and quiet with these Redwoods, young giants.

And at night I receive the cold air with gratitude.  There is warmth from a hot meal fresh from the garden, and from our shared existence here on Amigo Road.

Bundled up, I float into sleep with the forests quiet song.

Hey neighbor–I guess I’ll speak to you, since the power is out.

I couldn’t get my shorts to fit quite rights, after stumbling around in my dark room putting the last of my outfit on. Ah, Inside out. I started laughing and tried to pull myself together. Slow down. The sun had just gone down; the power was out in all of San Diego county, all surrounding counties North, up trough LA, down through Mexico, and lots of reports in Arizona and New Mexico with no known causes found by SDGE. Read more…

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