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A Drive

How do I describe this unfolding before my eyes..not with art, which doesn’t move; not with words, they are concrete, but this concrete that unfolds before us just outside the glass barrier surrounded by dark forest with branches over our heads, zoom past appearing illuminated by the lights, and we can only see just ahead, curves born out of the darkness, our minds lulled into the music filling us with its essence, we share the silence we give and the fear of returning home, so we keep driving, riding up the hill, back down, into town, and back again, riding our moods as they change with the tunes, up and down the hilly one way, up and down, we are this up and down. 

Amigo Road

It’s morning–clouds surround this house and cool mist dampens all.  The Big of our lives float in my mind.  What’s our connection to one another–what’s really going on here and where’s it all going to go?  How does the Now shape what’s to come?   Just tiny little seconds in an endless sea of time.  Before, the space to think alluded me. Thoughts barreled down and ran into each other, frustrated, with nowhere to go.  But now they soak in deeply, before releasing into the hills.

Days are spent outside creating and improving–nowhere to go and nowhere to be but right here with these dirty hands and feet.  My mind focuses, my body sings–the sun breaks through the fog midday and warms me with energy.  Tromps through the trails, I stretch myself with yoga on the wooden stairs, standing in stillness and quiet with these Redwoods, young giants.

And at night I receive the cold air with gratitude.  There is warmth from a hot meal fresh from the garden, and from our shared existence here on Amigo Road.

Bundled up, I float into sleep with the forests quiet song.

Burned Trees

Last night I went camping.   Our site was surrounded with grassy orchard type areas, boulderous mountains, and many, many skeletons of trees that had been burned in a forest fire a few years back.

I look upon burned trees not with sadness, but with awe.  In my eyes, they are beautiful.   There is just something about the way they look.  Strangely magnificent.  Dignified.  They are like monuments to their previous lives.  They are a homage to what they once were and to the new life that grows around them.  They gave their life to new life.  They were not sad to go.  They did not fight to stay.  They simply melted their life into the flames, giving their energy back to the universe so that something else may thrive in their place.  Just like all of life.  We live while others die, and we die so that others may live, continuing in this experience of moments through the eyes of one little part of the whole.

Zen Mornings 11/27/11

Yesterday I learned that reality lies before us and in us, here and now and then and in the future.  Truth is simple, inescapable, and in no way separate from ourselves, and we can feel it to be good or bad or joyful or evil but it is none of these things, it is inherently empty, nothingness, space, and energy.  To feel one way or the other about it is an illusion, it is an illusion to create that which clings to these feelings.  Truth is simply all of these things, it is everything that ever was, is, and will ever be. The moment you focus on a thought about an experience, you are stopping yourself, you are no longer as the dream but blindly passing through it, attempting to control it without understanding, as something separate.

Yesterday I learned that as the wind travels through the tall pines and rolling plains of Julian California, it create beautiful layers of rolling sound as it rides swiftly through down around and over.  It  shakes the trees, stretching them, deep creaks of relief sing with the soothing whistle; natures wind chimes.

Yet another way that we are like trees.

The tree starts out light, wild.  It blows in the wind, going every direction, while branches and leaves knock into each other, pushing them this way and that.  But, as the tree grows, it stabilizes itself, gaining strength and grounding. Read more…

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